The second story of the Financial Crisis series finds us ringside for an age old battle of bear versus human! Who will come out on top? Voice actors featured in this story are Todd Hiscock, Michael McPhee, Bonnie MacLeod, Rod Nicholls, Don Munro, Frank McKibbon, Tony Hajjar, and Aaron Corbett.

The first story in the Financial Crisis series. Three treasure hunters dig for more than they bargained for. Starring Sandy MacLean, Nick Beaton, Frank McKibbon and Wesley Colford.

Episode One: Paranormal Love is the debut episode of Your Three Stories Podcast. Join our mysterious host as he tells us three stories based around the theme of unexplained love. Voice actors featured in the episode are John Lingard, Mike McPhee, Lindsay Thompson, Stephanie Hennessey, Chris Corbett, Bridget Baldwin, Frank McKibbon, Bonnie MacLeod, Wesley Colford, Aaron Corbett, Andrew Gouthro and Lesley MacLean.


Episode One Promo PosterA trailer for the debut episode of Your Three Stories Podcast will give you a sample of the stories our mysterious host has in store for episode one. Love is a funny thing and can be found in the strangest places. Episode one will launch August 1st, 2018.