The final story of the Technical Difficulties Series brings us into the future where robots are so common that some of them have become butlers. When Peter and Wendy argue about how their artificial servant should be treated, some words spoken from the robot butler change the course of everything. This episode has been written by Your Three Stories guest writer, Nick Beaton. Voice actors featured in the episode are Michael McPhee, Wesley Colford and Carol Anne Gillis. Stay tuned at the end of this episode for a message from a podcast called “The Ladies of Strange.”

The 2nd story of the Technical Difficulties Series brings us into a mysterious government lab for the very first test of a new super soldier. Charlotte Drake, the scientist behind the secret project, only has one chance to get it right. If things go wrong, she could loose everything. Voice actors featured in this episode are Lindsay Thompson, Bonnie MacLeod, Phil Thompson and Aaron Corbett.

The first story in the Technical Difficulties series brings us back to the Old West. After not being seen for months, Mr. Hanson has a hard time explaining what he has been up to. When his secret is revealed, there are serious consequences coming his way. Voice actors featured in this story are Ciarán MacGillivray, Mark Delaney, Danielle Pears and Gary Walsh. Background bar scene piano music has been written and performed by Ciarán MacGillivray.